Re-opening of TMC Waiting Room: Important Information

As communicated in previous posts, since the completion of the building works in the waiting room, we have been working on the logistics of making the waiting room safe to re-open. Whilst the weather this summer was mostly kind to us, allowing the previous system on the whole to work, we acknowledge that it did not always work perfectly and caused frustration and confusion at times. We have been very appreciative of your understanding and patience at those times.

Now going forwards!

From 09:00 on Monday 28th September, we will be ready to re-open the waiting room. We have had to consider how we do this safely as, compared to other businesses such a pubs and shops, people visiting our surgery are very often those most vulverable to the risks of COVID19. With this is mind we have the following important information to share with you and ask for your co-operation in following our requests:

  • The waiting room and surgery will be open only for patients who have pre-booked appointments to be either seen by a clinician or to collect their medication
  • Reception is not open for general enquiries and booking appointments
  • Please do not come to your appointment early, as this may result in you being asked to return at a time closer to your appointment
  • To allow for social distancing, a maximum of 8 patients will be permitted in the waiting room at any one time. There are 8 red chairs placed at appropriate distances apart, patients must not sit on the blue ones (there will be a post clarifying this to follow)
  • In the event that the waiting room is full, patients will be asked to wait outside or in their cars. We have tried to reduce the likelihood of this happening, by adjusting clinics and spreading footfall as evenly as possible through the day
  • Many patients have welcomed the opportunity to wait outside, or in their car. Patients will still be offered this choice, by the receptionist checking you in
  • Patients are asked to attend their appointment unaccompanied- unless they are a child, or they requiring assistance from a carer or relative
  • A one way system will be in place: entry through the front door and exit through the fire exits at the end of the corridor of the room the patient has been seen in. There will be clear signage in place- patients are asked to please take notice of it
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at the front door, patients are asked to please use this before entering the surgery, there are also many wall mounted hand sanitising units around the surgery for your use
  • Social distancing spots will to be placed for any queues for reception/dispensary. Please stand on these spots and maintain 2m distance between yourself and other patients queueing
  • Patients are asked to consider using the toilet before attending the surgery, unless they think they may be asked to produce a specimen at the surgery
  • There will be posters displaying the TMC QR code for the NHS Track and Trace app, for patients to scan if they wish (this is not obligatory for GP surgeries)

We have tried to think of everything, but anticipate that there may be some tweaking required as we go along…we thank you for your patience in advance.