Friends and Family Feedback August

There were many comments in our August feedback about the check-in system currently in place. Whereby patients are asked to text on arrival and wait in their cars where the doctor and nurse will find and collect them. This system was introduced several months ago, to avoid big numbers of patients, some of whom are the most vulnerable to the complications of COVID19, being sat in the waiting room.

It was introduced with the best of intentions, to try and protect both our patients and staff. It was also necessary, as for several weeks the waiting room was totally closed off whilst the roof which had been leaking was completely removed and replaced.

The feedback regarding this system in the August Friends and Family survery was mixed.

Positive experiences

“Only had to wait five minutes over my appointment time. Everything worked as it should have done after my text saying I was in the car park.”

“It is a difficult period with Covid 19 but the surgery manages to still book appointments and arrange access into the surgery within the distancing measures.”

“I had forgotten to take my iphone which gave me instructions on what action I shld take on arrival at the surgery. The receptionist was understanding about this and gave me the questions to answer in a nice way.”

Things we can improve on

“The texting service doesn’t even acknowledge your text . A simple okay would do after they received your message.”

“Txt messaging to inform ur waiting in car pk doesn’t work! Entrance bell doesn’t work! How gd is that?”

We take your feedback very seriously. Your feedback is valuable to us in knowing how we’re doing- both the good and the bad- and we acknowledge that the texting system has been a variable success.

We are aware that we had some issues with the doorbell, we are now on our 4th or 5th doorbell, as they have broken or been unreliable. We appreciate how frustrating it must have been on the occasions that it has not worked. We did invest in a wireless intercom doorbell, but unfortunately due to WiFi issues we have experienced issues with installing this.

We appreciate that the current texting system has left some patients unsure whether they have checked in successfully- having text in that they have arrived, yet having received no acknowledgement. This has particularly been a concern to patients when the GP or nurse has been running behind, which has usually been due to an emergency, and patients have been waiting in their cars for a while beyond their appointment time wondering what’s going on.

For this we are very sorry and in response, we have been now been going out to cars to inform patients if the clinician they are seeing is running very behind. We are considering several alternatives to the texting system, in response to your feedback.

Since the roof works were completed, we have had glass screens installed around the reception desk and have re-arranged the seating to allow for social distancing. We are also considering the logistics of a one way system through the surgery. All with a view to re-opening the surgery doors in a controlled and safe manner, for those patients who have a booked appointment to be seen.

We are first having to make some changes to clinics, to avoid too many patients being seen at one time in the surgery and as soon as this is in place and we feel we can confidently and safely re-open the waiting room we will do so.

We are also currently in the process of investigating having an intercom and remote door entry system installed.

I hope this information reassures you that we take your feedback very seriously.

Please look out for updates on the above over the coming week or so.