COVID Update – 4th May 2021

Thank You

Following clinics over the weekend, we have now given over 20,000 vaccines! All of this is thanks to our amazing team of volunteers, GPs, nurses, pharmacists, administrators, receptionists, dispensers and dedicated Covid Vaccination Team, well done all!

Second Doses

Please wait to hear from us to book your 2nd dose. We plan to administer your second dose at 11 weeks. We will contact you via text message or phone call at around 9 – 10 weeks to book your appointment for your second dose. Unfortunately we do not receive very much notice of our vaccine deliveries, and so are unable to book this any sooner. Please be reassured that we will contact you, and avoid contacting us unless it has been at least 10 full weeks since your first dose. If you had your first dose with us on 23rd or 24th February, we will be in touch over the next couple of days to book your 2nd dose next week.

First Doses

We have now attempted to contact all patients in cohort 10, aged 40+. If you are in cohort 1 – 10 (aged 40+ or ‘at risk’) and wish to book to come and have your vaccine, please email us at or call 0118 2141 686, 9am – 3pm weekdays. Please only call if you are eligible to book a vaccine.

If you have received an invite to book your first dose via text and cannot make the clinic dates available, please keep checking back on the link every few days to check for more clinics. Please do not call us as we only have the clinic dates available that you can see on the text link, thank you.

A Small Request

If you have received an invite from us to book your first dose via text but you do not wish to have the vaccine or have booked elsewhere, PLEASE still click the link and decline, you can state that you’ve booked elsewhere, this will help us focus on the patients we do need to get in touch with and book in.

St. John’s Ambulance

We’re pleased to announce that we now have the amazing St. Johns’ Ambulance Volunteer’s joining us at our clinics. We are very grateful for their help and support and look forward to getting to know them and work with them moving forward.

Change to Clinic Layout

Please note – the entrance to the vaccine clinic is now via the back door, down the right hand side of the hall.

And lastly, thank you for all the lovely donations of fruit, chocolates, biscuits and other goodies, all are very appreciated by the team!

Take care all.