Drive Thru Flu Clinic

In response to your feedback, we are arranging drive thru flu clinics. These are to take place on the Englefield Estate, who we are very thankful to for letting us use their driveway.

Initially we are only booking one clinic on 3rd October, as a trial run, as this is the first time we have run the clinic in this way.

We will assess the success of this clinic and then run further drive thru clinics accordingly.

We would like to focus on the extremely vulvernable, in particular those on the shileded list, and those with mobility difficulties in these drive thru clinics.

Household members living with patients on the shielded list are also eligible for flu vaccinations this year and we would urge whole households (if registered at TMC) to all come in the car to be vaccinated at the same time (upt to a maximum of 4 people per car). If the driver of the car is being vaccinated they will be asked to pull over and park for 5 minutes after their vaccination.

Please rest assured that if you are unable to book into the first drive thru clinic on 3rd October that we will be organising more and will advertise them both on here and on the website.