Blood Taking Service at RBH

We are pleased to report that the RBH are now providing a blood taking service for both routine and urgent blood tests.

This used to be a “sit and wait” service, but now for the convenience of patients there is an online booking system.

You will be required to take a copy of the blood form with you- this can be emailed or text to you as necessary.

Blood test appointments are under enormous pressure at the surgery despite the surgery having increased the number of blood taking clinic hours. This is due to the back log from the first lockdown, when non-urgent bloods were delayed, and is also due to reduced numbers of appointments per hour, due to the need to change PPE and clean down the room between patients.

If you need a blood test and we do not have capacity, you may be asked to book your blood test at the RBH using the following link. We thank you for your understanding in advance should this be the case.

We also ask if you are able to attend the RBH for blood tests that you consider doing this, so that those less able to attend the RBH such as the frail and elderly can be done at TMC.

Many thanks for your understanding, support and patience.

Our reception team will be happy to assist vulnerable patients and those without online access in making an appointment online for the RBH.

Team TMC