Friends and Family Result January: A sample of the positive comments about TMC

In the comments received in January the overwhelming message in the 200+ comments was that TMC is a place that patients feel safe, listened to, not rushed and cared for. The words “helpful”, “caring”, “friendly” and “cheerful” cropped up time and time again.

Here is a sample of just a few of the comments received about the practice in general, it was hard to narrow them down!

“Lovely staff and very well organised”

“Helpful, efficient receptionist and GP”

“Excellent service got back quickly to me”

“Always helpful and excellent service and lovely gps and hopefully get me well again no problems in all years with theale Surgery”

“Despite the Coronavirus circumstances, they seem to be working at their best”

“Always an excellent service xx”

“Excellent staff”

“Can’t fault the service we always get from all staff. Doctors Dispensary Nurses office staff a big THANK YOU to all of you”

“Wonderful service.”

“Miss seeing Dr face 2 face but service excellent. Feel supported. Grateful as difficult time 2 contact medical profession”

“Friendly, clean, punctual”