Mission statement, vision and core values

18 months ago, we started the process of reviewing our mission statement. Unfortunately, this was then put on hold for a year, whilst we were focused on managing the challenges of the COVID19 pandemic. However, we have been pleased to complete this project over the past few weeks.

We originally decided to review the mission statement, as we wanted the TMC community to all feel ownership of what we are trying to achieve and the core values that are central to that.

We consulted our staff, patients and the Patient Participation Group, asking them what they saw as being the important values in providing a service to patients, and a work environment for staff. We ran sessions with staff, asked patients to complete surveys highlighting the values they felt to be most important, and sought the views of the PPG.

This week we held a lunchtime practice training session, with all teams looking at their role in achieving our mission, vision and core values. Creating a practice action plan for us to work towards.

We are now in a position to share the mission statement, vision and core values. There is a great deal that we are already doing to work towards our vision, but we are aware that there is always more to be done and we will always strive to improve.

Thank you for your ongoing support in working with us to achieve these, as you are all an essential part of the TMC community and why we do what we do.

Team TMC

Mission Statement:

To provide excellence in patient-centred care, by working in partnership with patients and staff

Vision Statement:

To provide an environment where patients can be confident that they will receive excellent care and where staff can flourish

Core Values:

Respect: To respect the views and values of all patients, staff and colleagues

Patient Centred Care: To put patients at the centre of everything we do, responding to their needs and views

Excellence: To provide excellent and safe care; through continued training and education and effective teamwork

Compassion: To provide care with compassion and kindness, treating patients with dignity at all times

Honesty: To be open and honest in all our interactions with patients and staff, nurturing trust in these relationships

Effectiveness: To make effective use of the resources available to us

Innovation: To look for new ways of providing care to our patients, in a time of changing resources and technology