Covid 19 Vaccination Clinics

The first group of patients eligible for vaccination against Covid-19 are currently being contacted. This group of patients are from the 80 years and over cohort.

These initial vaccinations will take place at our PCN nominated centre, the Boathouse Surgery in Pangbourne. PLEASE DO NOT contact the Theale or Pangbourne surgeries to book a Covid-19 Vaccination as this is putting extreme pressure on the phone line. We politely request your patience, we are aware of those eligible for vaccines and you will called shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: we have no further information relating to when the next round of vaccinations will take place or when it is likely that different patient cohorts will be invited for vaccinations. Again, please do not contact the surgery for queries relating to this, as we have no more information to provide and it is causing extreme pressure on the phone lines.

Many thanks for your understanding and support

Team TMC.