Covid Vaccine Update – 14th April 2021


You may have seen in the media that anyone aged 45 and over can now book to have their vaccine – please note this is via the national booking system for mass vaccination sites and local pharmacy clinics only. GP led vaccine centres, like ours, have yet to be issued with the contract to proceed into cohort 10, but we are ready to go, and we will invite you as soon as we’re able to – please wait to hear from us. PLEASE DO NOT contact the surgery to enquire when you might hear or ask to book.


Adult household contacts of severely immunosuppressed patients are now eligible for vaccination. We will be working through our list of severely immunosuppressed patients to invite eligible household members for their vaccine. If you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch with us directly.


Your 2nd dose will be around 11 weeks after your 1st dose. We will contact you at around 9 – 10 weeks from your 1st dose to invite you to book your 2nd dose, please wait to hear from us, we will be in touch.


We’ve had a bit of a change around at the hall! Please now enter via the side door down the right-hand side of the building and exit via the front doors. As always, our wonderful volunteers will be on hand to help guide you.

COHORTS 1 – 9 (50+ years / ‘at risk’)

Please continue to get in touch via the contact methods below if you are yet to be vaccinated and we will ensure you get booked in.


Please only make contact if you are currently eligible to book a vaccine.


Call us between 9am and 3pm:

If we are unable to answer, we will call you back. Thank you and take care!