Dementia Friendly West Berkshire Website

Dear All,

The day is finally here! The INCREDIBLE new Dementia Friendly West Berkshire website is now LIVE and I could not be more excited to share it with you all! (you can also type in and it will redirect you to the same page).

The site is optimised for mobile phones and tablets!

The related social media platforms will also be up and running from tomorrow and are detailed on the above flyer.

There are so many people without whom the website would not have been nearly as wonderful as it is. So many members of DFWB have already seen the website and given feedback, so thank you all so much for your contributions.

Special thanks go to;

  • Sovereign Housing for funding the creation of the website.
  • Chloe Lofthouse-Jones from SCAS for help with content.
  • Sam Mortimore from Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue for working on the incredible new Dementia Friendly West Berkshire logo.

And last but by no means least Roanna Capes at Glade SEO (the design company commissioned to build the website She has been an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish and has translated the vision for the site perfectly from pages and pages of notes, pictures and ideas. Not only has she produced something absolutely beautiful but also something credible that we should all be proud to stand behind. So Thank You, Thank You Roanna – truly amazing work!

We encourage you all to send the below to your networks, bookmark the website in your browsers, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

A press release will be sent out this week so we can publicise the website further.

If members have any content that they would, like to be added to the ‘Latest News’ section of the website or on the social media pages going forward please do send it to me and I will add it on.