Friends and Family feedback – (May/June/July)

We now have the feedback for the last quarter to share with you.

We are pleased to report that 96% of patients rated their appointment at the practice as Very Good or Good!!

With the vast majority of those responses being Very Good (71% very good and 25 good).

These numbers are in line with the previous feedback we have received. We are very proud that we have been able to maintain this level of patient satisfaction during what have been very challenging times. Over the last quarter, we have been running our recall system for routine review of long term conditions (such as asthma and high blood pressure) which was reinstated in April, we have been helping to staff the Covid vaccination clinics at our PCN centre in Pangbourne, we have had huge patient demand from patients who delayed seeking medical advice during the previous lockdowns, as well as demand from those patients who have developed symptoms or problems more recently and are in need of our services. We have done this as times with high levels of staff illness and also staff isolating.

We are proud that despite these challenges, that the feedback remains on the whole very good.

We do however recognise that on occasions patients have not been happy with the service they have received and we look to learn from these instances. We will share with you the learning points we have taken from such feedback and actions that have been taken.

2% of patients rated their appointment as poor and a further 2% as very poor (combined this was 17 out of 322 patients surveyed). It matters a great deal to the team at TMC that we take this feedback very seriously.