Dispensary Q&A

How soon can I re-order my prescription?

We request that, where possible, you order your medication all together once a month. This can be between 7 and (no less than) 3 working days of your medication being due. Your next medication will be available 3 working days later.

Why does it take 3 working days to get my prescription?

We are unable to keep every drug, in every dose, in stock on the premises. We ask for 3 working days to allow us time to order your medication in from our suppliers.

When will my repeat be ready to pick up?

Requested on Monday Available after 2pm on Thursday
Requested on Tuesday Available after 2pm on Friday
Requested on Wednesday Available after 2pm on following Monday
Requested on Thursday Available after 2pm on following Tuesday
Requested on Friday Available after 2pm on following Wednesday

Please remember to allow time for public bank holidays.

How can I request my repeat prescription…?

  • In person
    Tick the items you need on your repeat slip. Put in the box on the wall located to the left of the Dispensary. Fill in a repeat request slip at the Dispensary. Re-order medication for the following month at the time of collection of medication.
  • By email
    Send an email to bobicb-bw.tmcdispensary@nhs.net
  • By post
    Send us your repeat slip with the items you require ticked off or a note requesting your items (please include your full name, address and date of birth) and don’t forget to allow extra time for post to arrive. For non-dispensing patient, if you would like us to post your prescription, either to your home or to you nearest chemist, enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your request.
  • By Patient access
    Please bring photo ID to the reception team who will generate your own unique pass code to access your medication information to place an online order.
  • By using our surgery website
    Please follow the instructions for ordering your medication on our new website, which will link you to Patient Access.

What if I need more than one month supply of my medication?

Please inform us at the time of ordering that you need more than a month’s supply. If you are able to give a valid reason e.g. you will be going away on holiday, we should be able to accommodate your request. If we are not aware of the special circumstances this request will be refused.

Why can I not have more than 1 month of my prescription at a time?

The practice will only prescribe one months of medication at a time. This is to prevent wastage. The practice has to dispose of thousands of unused items every year. In addition to preventing wastage, GPs are able to monitor on-going conditions more closely by conducting more frequent medication reviews and recalling patients who need to be seen.

What happens if the medication I want is not specified as one of my repeats?

Make a request in writing to the Dispensary team. They can then then put the request through to you GP or fill in a repeat order form at Dispensary.

What happens if I need my medication sooner than 3 working days?

Although we encourage patients to plan ahead, there can be circumstances when medication may be needed before 3 working days. Please tell us of such circumstances when you hand in your repeat request. We try to accommodate where feasible. If we are unable to fulfil your request as we do not have your drugs in stock (and there is no time to get them in from our suppliers) we can give you the written prescription (FP10) to take to the chemist to be dispensed. Please be aware that in some cases the chemists will also need to order the medication.

Can I get my medication delivered?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service

How should I dispose of unwanted medication?

If you no longer have any need for medication, please bring it back to us and we will dispose of it correctly and safely.

How long is my medication kept at the Dispensary for?

We keep your medication dispensed on the shelf for 1 month. This is to limit the use of space and to monitor patient medication. If you are unable to collect your medication in the time, please inform the Dispensary team.