Medical Training and Education

Training at Theale Medical Practice

Theale Medical Centre is an approved GP Training Practice. This means we may have F2 trainees or GPST (specialist registrars) working in our practice.
Being approved as a ‘training practice’ gives recognition of the quality of care we provide here as well as the educational opportunities available for leaners. It also helps us to ensure we keep updated in the latest developments.

Dr Barnes, Partner, is in charge of GPST Registrars and Dr Penny Brooke, Partner, is in charge of F2’s but everyone makes a significant contribution to their experience in the practice.

F2’s undertake a four month placement to give them meaningful experience in General Practice, GPST Registrars will spend up to 18 months working in General Practice.

All appointments offered by trainees are extra to the appointments usually available.

What difference will this make to you?

On occasions the GP’s or Clinician will hold joint surgeries / home visits, with the GP Registrar or Student.

Sometimes we will ask you if you would be happy to see a Medical Student or GP Registrar instead of (or as well as) your own GP. Please advise our Receptionists if you would prefer not to be seen by a student or Registrar.

Initially the GP Registrar may take longer than most GP appointments but these will shorten to the usual 10 minute appointments.

Occasionally we may ask for your permission to video-record your consultation. This will only be seen by doctors, and then only for educational purposes. This will only be viewed by doctors and only for educational reasons. Physical examinations are not recorded. Video records are destroyed within one year. You will ALWAYS be asked to give written permission both before and at the end of the consultation. Please do say if you would prefer not to be videoed: this will not reflect upon your future care provided.

Medical records will be inspected for the purpose of trainer selection, accreditation and for quality assurance activities. If you would like further information regarding this please do not hesitate to contact the Practice Manager.